Fungi For The Puget Sound

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes 3.14.15

Upcoming Events

Evergreen Psychedelics Conference

Does the OMN have a presentation for this? (April – 17-19)

April 22nd Synergy & Talk
Potentially featuring a Lecture & hands on workshop with mushrooms.
Spawn available by donation.
May 23rd Fun Fest Event at Columbus Park

Ongoing Projects/Updates

Upcoming workshops at Grub April 25th

Connect with GruB about dates Workshop dates, and content.

Ask about donations of spawn bi-products for garden installations.  Possibility of time lapse workshop for youth.”Watching the life cycle of a Spore” April-May: 1,15, 29, 13, 27. Can we work with YoungRoots?

GruB Veterans Plugging Party- GruB Growing Veterans. Rick is going to source Maple for us. Potential Elm Oyster Installation March 28th

(ESP)Demeters Garden  

Contact and organizing a meeting together with OMN – Remediation, creating a road filter, scale of this project,

— Provide them with a supplies list

— Ask them if they can get testing on their sites

— Getting reimbursed for time and supplies

— Site evaluation

— Possible strains to utilize TV, PP, HU(Local oyster), PO(M), SC, industrial hemp?

2. Mushroom and Native Plant Walks / Foray / Richard Gains

3. Companion mushroom workshops, 4 sisters

4. Inoculated Log cabins

5. Mushroom labyrinth and inoculated mushroom benches!

 Bunker Bags at IA

Available Species List :  Reishi, Elm Oyster, PP, Morrocan Oyster, King, SRA, CC, GF

Can we run a DNA test on a Moroccan Oyster Mushroom?

Finish up Umbrella Non-profit Sponsorship request to AMR

Business Cards for OMN

..end mtg.

Meeting Notes 2.15.15 “Fungi Love Day!”

Upcoming Events
March 7th Conservation District
2918 Ferguson St SW, Tumwater, WA 98512
Ongoing Projects/Updates
Tabling event at the Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center went great!
Stropharia cube on the Eastside is looking good.
Raskal is producing plugs
Spring season production
 On Going Work to be Completed
Making a pamphlet
Researching constituents in ink in paper
Getting 501-3c
Building the Flow Hood
Distributing Website tasks.
How to legitimize Holiday
Tom would be interested in distributing flyers & calling all the Arborists for woodchips!
ABC program : Training mushrooms for paper
–Next steps
——- buckets or trashcans w/oyster spawn
——- list of products not to put in for eating
——- Bunker bag program (optional)
Sign Up Businesses
Website ABC Shout out-

 ..end mtg.

Meeting Notes 1.31.15


Feb 5th – Digestor workshop 4pm @ Wildwood Phoenix Oyster

Tabling Feb 8th @ Eastside farm and Garden Center

– – – Find logs and use them for Sunday Workshop

– – – Bring Drills

– – – Bring Fry daddy. 

– – – Raskal has wax

Thurston Conservation District Plants Sale: March 7th



-We’re working on getting labels for our mushroom packets. 

-We have bunker spawn that needs to be moved from the West-side to Demeter’s garden – Point person: Ali 

-Plugging Logs with Veterans. Feb 21 or 28th @ grub? 



Liquid culture workshop with Ava & Jack

ABC program – Advocates for Business Compassion, Paper digesting program for local Business Owners

Digesting Plastic with schizophyllum commune, & Pestalotiopsis miscrospora


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