Fungi For The Puget Sound

Past Projects

Occupy Solidarity Social Forum installations & demo
In mid February of 2012, the OMN took part in the first national Occupy Solidarity Social Forum held in Olympia, WA. The OMN taught a Mycology 101 workshop, presented a demonstration on a low-tech cultivation procedure and laid a bed of Hypsizygus ulmarius (The White Elm Oyster) at Fertile Grounds, which will serve as a great resource for their Brassica crops.


Water filtration installation at the Olympia Food Co-Op
In April 2012, the OMN installed a series of burlap sacks filled with the mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus into the parking lot drainage system of the eastside Olympia Food Co-Op. This mushroom is known to break down oil and other petroleum based pollutants in to simple sugars, thereby helping filter these toxic chemicals out of water that eventually leads to the Puget Sound. This installation is a small step toward reducing the impact of human pollution via fungi.

Olympia Village Building Convergence 2012
In August of 2012, during the 3rd annual Olympia Village Building Convergence, the OMN hosted a demonstration at Fertile Grounds and installed 2 mushroom beds (King Stropharia, Stropharia ruggosa-annulata, and Shaggy Mane, Coprinus comatus) demonstrating several ways mushrooms can be incorporated into the garden or a permaculture system.


Olympia Transitions Fair
In September 2012, folks from the OMN held a cultivation demo and discussion on the sustainability of mushrooms and the importance of fungi in the Transitions Movement.

East Side Coop Maintaining Bunker Spawn Demonstration
On February 2nd 2013 we maintained the established mycoremediation project at the East Side Coop. Group members and Community memebers joined us to demonstrate how to make bunker spawn with Oyster Mushroom, pleurotis ostreatus, cardboard, straw, and woodchips.

Wendell Berry Garden
On March 30th 2013 we were joined by gardeners, mycologists, and community members to install a fungal garden bed featuring Agrocybe agearita the Pioppino Mushroom at the Wendell Berry Community Garden.

IMG_1596 IMG_1659 IMG_1585
Demeter’s Garden Installation
On April 13th 2013 Evergreen students, and Group members joined Demeters Garden and the Olympia Mycelial Network to install a Nameko Philodes fungal garden bed. Nameko is a choice culinary mushroom.
Jackson Street Garden Installation
On April 20 2013 Community members and group members met at the Jackson Street Community Garden and worked together to install Nameko philodes nameko, a culinary mushroom that’s known to be delicious in Miso. We installed a four sisters companion bed of Garden Giant stropharia rugoso-annulata with corn, beans and squash. We also inoculated logs of Elm Oyster hipsizygus ulmarius which are known companions of Brassicas. Hopefully these tenacious mushrooms will fruit and drop spores to assist next year’s brassica crop.
IMG_2288 IMG_2312
Elm Oyster inoculated logs.
IMG_2313 IMG_2332 IMG_2339
East Side Coop Installation
On May 13th 2013 group members met at the East Side Olympia food coop to install 5 different types of fungi, Turkey tail(trametes versicolor), Shaggy Mane(coprinus comatus), Nameko(philodes nameko), Piopinno(agrocybe agerita), and Elm Oyster(hipsizygus ulmarius).
Media Island International Garden Giant Installation                                   
On May 18th 2013 OMN group members gathered at Media Island International to install an edible that grows well in the garden and is also known to be a companion mushroom in the garden, The Garden Giant(stropharia rugoso-annulata).
GruB Fungal Companion Workshop
On May 4th we put in a garden bed of the Elm Oyster at GruB with a control bed to see if there was any significant difference in the companion relationship between Brassica and hypsizygus ulmarius.




Our kale starts and Elm Oyster spawn.


We did a control bed to learn from the companionship of the hypsizygus ulmarius with brassica.


Sprinkling fungi.



Here’s our delicious friend, the Brassica. (above)


Offering a sip of water to the new inhabitant.IMG_2663

Other Olympia Mycelial Network Fruits… 

Olympia Transitions Fair 2012 & 2013
Log Plugging workshops 2012-2014
Black Lake Grange Installation 2013 : Garden Giant, Elm Oyster, and Bunker bag installation
Bread and Roses 2013 : Digestor Workshop
Olympia Waldorf School 2014 : Garden Giant & Elm Oyster Installation
Evergreen Earth Fest 2014 : Transfer Workshop
Tumwater Boys and Girls Club 2014 : Paper waste Digestor
Meadows Elementary 2014 : Elm Oyster Garden bed


Cultivation classes at the Olympia Food Co-Op
Every quarter members for the OMN hold cultivation workshops and demonstrations through the Olympia Food Co-Op. Check their class schedule here to see if there is one coming up!




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