Fungi For The Puget Sound

Project Ideas

These are several of the project ideas we have in the works. If you have a mushroomy project or remediation need in mind, contact us to let us know. We just might put you on the list of upcoming projects!

Parking lot run-off filters
Building on our experience with installing a water filter at the Olympia Food Co-Op, we are currently designing a system to be implemented around town that can be installed in business parking lots to catch oil run-off and reduce the impacts of chemical pollutants on the Puget Sound.

Cardboard & coffee digesters for the Olympia food Co-Op

We are currently working to design a sustainable system for digesting the food Co-Op’s excess cardboard and spent coffee grounds which we are really excited about. Keep checking back to see how our progress goes on this one!

Community garden mushroom plots
We are building up our mycelial stock this fall and winter to have lots to spawn ready come spring to lay numerous edible and medicinal mushroom beds around town. Stay tuned for a map of proposed places and let us know if you have a worthy candidate in need of a bed!

Medicinal mushrooms for the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic
We are currently building a format to provide the great Olympia Free Herbal Clinic with an continual supply of cheap medicinal mushroom products. These types of items retail for incredibly high prices when the cost of materials is relatively cheap. We want to provide this powerful medicine to people at a fraction of the cost.


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